Real Christmas Trees | Everything You Need To Know

A little information on the real Christmas trees we have in stock.

So what are the differences between the different types of real Christmas trees?

A pot grown Christmas tree is one which has been planted in a container as a seedling so that the root ball is completely encased in a pot and the tree is growing in a compost or growing medium.
A potted tree is one which has been grown in a field and when it has reached a reasonable size it’s been dug up and placed in a pot, Sometimes with compost sometimes with sand to weigh down the pot and keep the tree steady.
A pot grown tree has been grown in a pot from day one and so will have a full root structure.
A cut tree is usually a field grown specimen which during mid to late November is cut down and transported to garden centres.

So what are the advantages of each type?

If you want a tree that after Christmas has a chance of surviving until next year or can be planted out in the garden, you need to choose a pot grown tree. A potted tree might have a chance of surviving in the garden but that really depends on how much root has been chopped off when it was dug out of the ground and what kind of growing medium it was put in. (plus how you treat it while in the house).
A cut tree is dead or on its way to dying plant. Whatever you do, there is no way you will get it past the New Year.
Of course, a pot grown tree because the roots are being restricted, will be a lot smaller than the other types and almost certainly will cost you more, but providing you keep it watered it will survive after Christmas.
A potted tree in the same variety will cost less than a pot grown tree, and be slightly larger.
A Cut tree will be the cheapest of the 3 types when comparing the same variety, and you can also get larger specimens, but don’t forget they will need a support (preferably one to hold water to help retain needles). Those which are labelled needle-last tend to just be species that have larger needles, which can hold water better and will therefore keep the needles on the branches for longer. This means that your hoover doesn’t have to come out as many times over the Christmas period

Real Christmas trees available here at Mere Park:

Cut trees – Norway spruce and Nordmann fir
Pot grown – Norway spruce
Potted – Blue spruce