Westland SafeLawn Bag – 400sq.m

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Westland SafeLawn Bag – 400sq.m

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Westland SafeLawn appeals to households that love their lawn, but are also put off using chemicals due to safety concerns over children and pets. Westland SafeLawn is a 100% organic fertiliser with added lawn seed and is also made using only natural ingredients. This fertiliser breaks down into the soil to feed the roots, along with the grass seed germinating filling in any gaps. Therefore it helps to create a thicker as well as lusher green lawn.

  • 100% natural fertiliser
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Feeds all year round
  • Creates healthier and stronger lawn
  • Helps prevent weeds and moss
  • Added grass seed to thicken and also fill in patches
  • Seed germination at 7°C soil temperature to fill gaps in your lawn early and late season
  • Boxes feature a built-in applicator for easy spreading
  • Why Use

    An organic child and pet friendly natural lawn feed with added grass seed

    • Fast-acting and long-lasting plant nutrients
    • Greens and thickens lawns
    • Helps grass out-compete weeds and moss
    • Friendly bacteria to break down dead leaves and also moss

      What to Expect

      This product is made from organic matter, an odour when opening the pack or applying is normal

      Water thoroughly after application. Keep the lawn well watered for at least 2 weeks to help grass seed germination

      After 7 days the lawn will become greener and healthier

      The grass seed will germinate to fill gaps and help create a lusher, thicker lawn. As the grass becomes stronger it will start to out-compete weed & moss

    • General Advice

      • Gloves are recommended when handling this product
      • Wash hands and exposed skin after use
      • This product is safe for children and pets, however it is good practice to store out of reach in a dry, frost-free place
      • Contents may settle in transit
      • For use only as a home garden lawn treatment


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. Will this product kill the moss and weeds on my lawn?

      A. You should remove moss and weeds before hand, using safe lawn can prevent moss and weeds returning

      Q. Can I use this to repair the patches on my lawn?

      A. It can help thicken the lawn however for repairing patches of damaged grass you should use Aftercut Patch Fix

      Q. The product has quite an odour, is it safe for my children and pets to use the lawn after application?

      A. Safe Lawn is made from organic matter so an odour when applying the product is normal, pets and children can use the treated areas after application with no concerns, to reduce the odour water the product to the lawn