Stay Off Rabbit Repellent 500g

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A natural way to prevent rabbit damage

A natural product designed to protect areas such as lawns from surface scratching, Rabbit Repellent is the ideal repellent for organic gardens.

Containing 12% nitrogen – an essential plant nutrient – Rabbit Repellent can boost plant growth and improve turf colour.

Rabbit Repellent:

–        Suitable for organic gardening

–        Contains nutrients beneficial to plants

–        Children and pets may be allowed onto treated areas.

The repellent works by emitting an odour that animals associate with predator activity, naturally repelling them away from the area.  Stimulating a fear-based response, it encourages rabbits to go elsewhere.

The odour is not unpleasant to the user and will not harm plants.

Simple to use, Rabbit Repellent should be applied as a continuous band around the area you would like to protect and re-applied every six to eight weeks.

One pack can treat and protect an area up to 150m2. Always read the label and wash hands after use.