Stay Off Granules 600g

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A granular pet training aid

Train your cats and dogs to ‘go elsewhere’ with Stay Off Granules. The ideal training aid, simply scatter the granules across areas where you do not want your pet to foul and the strong perfumed odour will repel pets towards designated fouling areas.

Perfect for helping to keep lawns, beds and borders free from fouling, Stay Off Granules are safe to use around children and pets.

Stay Off Granules:

  • Used as a pet training aid
  • Masks the scents from previous fouling
  • Can be used in children’s play areas
  • Contains plant oils

Releasing a strong highly perfumed odour over a period of days, it removes the odours of previous visits so that the animal does not recognise the fouling area.

Once Stay Off Granules have been applied, re-apply every five to seven days until toilet training is successful.

Avoid contact with herbaceous or other valued plants other than turf. Always use plant protection products safely.