Squirrel Baffle

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An attractive squirrel baffle from Tom Chambers designed to protect your bird feeders or bird stations from those pesky squirrels. With a decorative design this clear domed baffle is made from strong, weatherproof PVC and can be easily attached. A worthwhile investment for your garden birds!  Comes with adaptors and can be used with the following poles –

  • 10mm adaptor with hook and cable – to hang a feeder.
  • 20mm adaptor – Everyday feeding station or any 20mm pole.
  • 25mm adaptor – Classic feeding station or any 25mm pole.
  • 32mm main collar – Prestige Bird Station or any other 32mm pole.

Compatible with all Tom Chambers feeding stations.

Please note the feeding station and feeders are not included.

Dimensions: H 140 x W 400 x D 400mm