Showroom Shine & Free Crystal Clear 1Lt

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Showroom Shine waterless car wash and wax has been created to give premium results for a high shine with minimum effort.

  • Wash your car without the usual drama
  • No buckets, hoses or soaking wet clothes
  • No wasted time pre-cleaning or packing away a host of product bottles

All you need is Showroom Shine and two microfibre cloths…yes that really is it.

Our tried and tested unique formula uses carnauba wax for protection to keep your car looking great for longer and gives impressive results time and time again.

Each bottle cleans approximately 8-10 family cars to a high shine, getting rid of dust, dirt and tar spots, leaving a layer of protection with no streaks or smearing.

Safe to use on metal, glass, plastic and paintwork. Suitable for cars, caravans, motorbikes and even boats. Showroom Shine can be used on all non–porous surfaces so you can use it on paintwork, plastic trims, chrome, glass, mirrors and alloys.

Crystal Clear glass & mirror cleaner is a fast and easy to use powerful cleaner, that leaves your car windscreens, glass and mirrors with a sparkling finish.

  • Cuts through grime and dust
  • Smear free finish, both inside and outside the car
  • Contains no abrasives, waxes or silicone products
  • Also, safe to use on plastic and acrylic windows

Other glass cleaners can have a strong, chemical, lingering odour but Crystal Clear glass & mirror cleaner has a fresh and uplifting scent, which makes your car smell fresh.

Crystal Clear glass & mirror cleaner can be used for more than your car. Try it on mirrors, glass and UPVC in conservatories, caravans and motorhomes.