Gro-Sure Vermiculite – 10L

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Gro-Sure Vermiculite – 10L

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Gro-Sure Vermiculite is ideal for growing from seed and to help both indoor and outdoor plants.  Vermiculite helps to absorb nutrients, preventing them from being washed out as well as releases them as required to plant roots. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring, non-toxic material heated to a high temperature to produce a lightweight material with a high surface area.

  • Lightweight
  • Helps to retain moisture and nutrients
  • Provides insulation for healthy seed germination
  • Why Use

    Gro-Sure Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral which has been heated to high temperatures to produce lightweight, absorbent flakes, perfect for a range of gardening tasks. It encourages strong, healthy seedling growth and establishment. The fine grade flakes can be used on their own or added to Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost to:

    • Help compost hold onto vital plant nutrients
    • Increase compost water retaining capacity
    • Insulate seeds against damaging temperatures and humidity changes (when used as a seed covering)

    Vermiculite is a naturally forming mineral that is extracted from mines. The natural laminar structure allows the material to expand up to 30 times its own size during heating. Its natural shape once heated gives excellent insulation, drainage and aeration properties

  • General Advice

    • Store in a dry, frost-free place away from weedkillers and other garden chemicals
    • Wear gloves when handling and wash hands after use
    • Reseal bag after use

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Can my children & pets go into the treated area?

    A. Yes, children and pets can use the area where Vermiculite has been used without any concerns

    Q. Will my pets or wildlife be attracted to this product?

    A. Vermiculite is mineral based and doesn’t contain any organic elements so shouldn’t be attractive to animals