Aftercut Patch Fix 30 Patch Spreader Box – 2.4kg

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Aftercut Patch Fix 30 Patch Spreader Box – 2.4kg

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Aftercut Patch Fix is a unique blend of grass seed, feed as well as a seeding soil, designed to fix patches in your lawn quickly and easily.  Aftercut Patch Fix is perfect for treating high traffic areas, spots where children’s play toys have been and even where there are dog urine patches. It’s a 2 in 1 solution that treats both worn areas and dog spots.

  • Grass seed, feed and seeding soil blend
  • Repairs worn areas and patches
  • Fix dog spots with pet urine neutraliser
  • Child and pet safe
  • Ideal for play areas and shady areas
  • Aftercut Patch Fix contains a special ingredient which absorbs the harmful salts and ammonia produced when pet urine breaks down, helping grass to re-establish where it would otherwise fail. Even better, Patch Fix also contains pet urine resistant grass seed varieties.
    • Perfect for repairing all patches
    • Granulated growing media for moisture retention
    • Added organic matter for better root establishment
    • Specially selected grass varieties