1-1.25m Blue Spruce Potted

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For anyone looking to add a real live indoor tree for Christmas this year, the Blue Spruce is an excellent choice. A tree that is well known for its hardiness, it can survive temperatures of around minus 30 degrees, which makes it ideal for most British gardens all year round, so once Christmas is over you can confidently re-pot your tree outside knowing it will be there for next year. One of the most striking features of this tree is its gorgeous foliage, the colour of which changes throughout the year, varying from a tantalising steely-blue colour, it will give way to a silvery-green and then a darker green as time goes on. Another great feature of this tree is it’s excellent needle retention, due to it’s rigid and hardy nature, it will keep its needles longer than other varieties.

Caring for this tree doesn’t require much effort, it really only needs water to keep it going, although this will be required often. Make sure when watering that the soil is not waterlogged, and do not allow the container to dry out. Once its period is over, you can transfer the tree into your garden, you can leave it in the container it is supplied in but we recommend you re-pot the tree into a larger pot to accommodate its growth. The root system that develops within the pot will allow this tree to live for years provided it is given the right level of care. Keep it outside as close to Christmas as possible, and when it is time to bring the tree inside, keep it away from sources of heat such as radiators or fireplaces, these will dry the tree out and quickly cause it to drop its needles.

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Please note – This item is not pot grown