March Gardening Jobs

The weather is hopefully improving, the soil is getting warmer and the sight of yellow drifts of Daffodils greets the Spring.

The gardening season now gets busier and busier.


Start off many seedlings including annuals, summer vegetables like lettuce, cabbage and beetroot.


Sow now -many varieties of annuals for summer colour.

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Summer flowering bulbs (begonias, gladioli, lilies and dahlias) ready to be planted.


  • Plant now from a full range of bush fruit and fruit trees.
  • Mulch or manual or the fruit bed


  • Plan for some home-grown vegetables, however small a plot you have.
  • Plant asparagus, early potatoes and shallots.


  • Prune roses.
  • Cut back and clean up winter flowering heathers.
  • Hebe’s need checking over after the winter frosts.
  • After all the rain washing through the soil, feed all borders now with chicken manure or fish calmer blood and bone or a mulch with farmyard manure.
  • Plant perennials and alpines in borders, troughs and walls.