July Gardening Jobs

With the heat of Summer, comes good and surprisingly not so good times in the garden and garden cetre.

The 'not so good' being all the watering that is essential to provide beautiful plants for sale and for show.

The 'good times' are relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying the beautiful sights of your garden, taking in the smells, sounds and sights of your surroundings when all the chaos and chores of the day are over.



- Water and feed all areas regularly.


- Enjoy the night sights by highlighting the garden with low voltage or solar powered lights.


- Prune Wisteria new shoots back to five buds, to encourage next years flowers. 

- Trim Leylandi hedges to keep under control. 


- Prune shrubs that have already flowered to keep in trim.




- Check pump filters regularly to keep unblocked.


- Remove blanket weed by twisting it around a stick.

- Feed fish regularly.


- Pond plants including water Lilies, can still be planted. 


-- Water regularly, especially onions.

- Continue sowing salad veg- lettuce, radish..


- Dip up early potatoes

- Earth up Main-Crop Potatoes

- Feed vegetable plants with liquid manure or nitrogen feed.



 - Peg Strawberry runners down to propagate them


- Harvest Raspberries


- Spray for mildew on Gooseberries


- Keep protection nets and cages secure.

- Liquid feed to maintain tip top condition.

- Water in dry conditions.


- Keep newly sown or turfed areas watered.


- Raise the height of cut in dry conditions.




- Feed all border Perennials with Rose Feed

- Don't forget to water newly planted flowers.


- Water hanging baskets daily & feed weekly with Phostrogen.

- Spray roses for greenfly, mildew & blackspot

- Prune earlier flowered Perennials to encourage another flush of flowers. 



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